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RIGHTS Properties

Here are some of the proprties of RIGHT

Shopping Platform

With RIGHT you can purchase thousands of hand-made products with the cheapest prices in the market. Up to 10% discount for all items and the shipping is Worldwide!

Treasure Hunt

With RIGHT you can win 10 BTC by just solving the puzzles!


Price Boosting Mechanism

By Burning the circulating tokens from shopping platform and Treasure hunt participation fees.


Anti-Whale Mechanism

Sells larger than 0.1% of the total supply in on single transaction will be rejected. This will allow us to reduce swing-trading and break whales control.


Automatic Liquidity

Up to 2% of every transaction contributes towards automatically generating further liquidity on Pancakeswap. It helps create a price floor (stability) and benefiting long term for MagicDOGE holders the most!



RIGHT resides within a class of token that rewards investors just for holding, the amount of rewards received increases over time the longer an investor holds for.


About The RIGHT

RIGHT is one of the most transformative technologies since the invention of the Internet. RIGHT stands firmly in support of financial freedom and the liberty that RIGHT provides globally for anyone to voluntarily participate in a permissionless and decentralized network.

which empowers people to not be marginalized by governments and financial institutions. RIGHT is freedom.


RIGHT is programmed to reward holders while increasing in both liquidity and value. It does this by applying a 4% tax on every transaction.

Total Supply :


Pre-sale :

40% of Total Supply.


35% of Total Supply.


0% of Total Supply.

Marketing Team

3% of Total Supply.

Developer Team

3% of Total Supply.

Treasure Hunt Burn

100% of joining fees.

Shopping Platform Burn

2% Profit of Every successfull purchase.

Treasure Hunt

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) or Questions and Answers (Q&A), are listed questions and answers, all supposed to be commonly asked in some context

a game in which players search for hidden objects by following a trail of clues.
a digital game in which players search for hidden objects by following a trail of clues to win crypto.
There are 10 quest, each quest consists of 10 Riddles.
Player have to burn a small amount of RIGHTs for each quest and he is ready to participate.
The community will decide the participation amount.
Each quest has 9 BNBs for 1st 9 riddles and a BTC for 10th Riddle.
Player must burn a specific amount of RIGHTS. Once you burnt the RIGHTs you are elegible to play perticular quest. In which you get a riddle, first player who solves the riddle will wins a BNB. There are 10 riddles in the quest, for first 9 riddles the reward is one BNB for each riddle and for 10th riddle the winner will gets a BTC.


The use of cryptocurrencies has become more widespread, The origin platform idea. Development of the concept and business plan.

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